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Our Story

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Fresh Perspective on Classic Cool


 Southpaw Board Co. was born from a love of nature, skateboards, and minimalist design. Combining the ruggedness of boarding culture with a refined, modern aesthetic creates a stunning aesthetic not found anywhere else. That’s why Southpaw was founded: to find a fresh perspective on what USA hand-built boards can be.

Pride in the Details, Built for Adventure


We have a strong appreciation for objects that are made well and get better with age. All of our boards are built by hand in our barn workshop using the finest American hardwoods. Using tried and true woodworking methods, we join the solid wood together so that the board design is the hardwood itself. And while a fresh Southpaw board is beautiful out of the box, the timeless look of it will only get better with use.


Southpaw Grip


We are so proud of the hardwood we use for Southpaw Boards. So instead of using black grip tape, we created a unique blend of clear grip that is painted on and sealed to the deck. Now every board highlights the beauty of the wood on both the top and bottom of the board.


Boards for Everyone


Picking out your first board can be intimidating, “What style should I get? Is this the right board to learn how to ride?”

At Southpaw we design boards with an eye to meet the needs of every rider. That's why we created a helpful Southpaw buying guide to help you find your perfect Southpaw board.


How It Started


Southpaw Board Co. began during 2016 in a basement in Portland, Oregon. Founder, Phillip Stone, had been a self-taught furniture builder for years and began building solid hardwood cruisers. Inspired by 1960’s skate culture and a modern look he hadn’t seen on the market, he built boards one at a time that captured both a blend of vintage boards and modern minimalism.


Years later, after working with world-renowned artists and photographers, it is still our mission to build you the best board for your everyday adventures.


We are so proud of what we build and we hope you become proud to own it.


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