Southpaw was borne out of a love for skateboards and minimalist design: two things that are not often put together. The full bodied grittiness of skate and longboard culture met with a refined aesthetic is sometimes a struggle to work with. However, we believe that the two are meant to come together and we strive to do both camps justice in our work. This combination creates a stunning aesthetic not found anywhere else.  


Simply put, our boards draw attention and start conversations.

We are not content creating commonplace products, but rather, uniquely beautiful skateboards and longboards.



Beauty is borne from thoughtful design and skilled craftmanship. That’s why “Boards by Hand” is so important to Southpaw Board Co. We seek creative innovation in every design and each board is built individually by hand in our Portland, Oregon workshop. We believe that this intentional process takes our skateboards from “just transportation” to “Art”. I am so proud of what we build and I hope that you become proud to own it.
-Phillip Stone
Founder and Designer