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"find your perfect board"

A question than comes up a lot is:

"Should I choose a Southpaw cruiser or a pintail?"


 Pintails and cruisers have very distinct shapes and characteristics that make them ideal for different styles of riding. So we put together is handy guide to see which Southpaw board is perfect for you.


36" x  8"

Thanks to a longer deck and larger wheels, Pintails are generally designed for mellow cruising and carving along the beach, bike, or mountain roads. Great for both beginners and longboard veterans, the pintail ride is ultra-stable and built for momentum.


28" x  7.5"

A cruiser, on the other hand, is designed for agile street riding and nimble turns thanks to a shorter, narrower deck and a tail kick. When it comes to city slashing and curb hopping, cruisers generally have the edge over pintails. Great for the daily commute, impressing some friends, or just looking as cool as it gets.

Both pintails and cruisers can be good options for cruising, carving, and commuting. Both are stable rides and responsive in turns. When asked what board we recommend, we always say, "The board you're going to ride is the board that excites you. Find which Southpaw board is going to call out to you when you leave the house.

If you have any further questions, just send us a message on the contact page. Give us a little information on who will be riding and we'll be happy to help out! We almost always respond within 24 hours.

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